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For many, insurance only matters when something bad happens and we need to file a claim or lodge a complaint. But the best time to get educated about insurance is when you’re in the process of making a major life decision, like buying a new car, but before a related crisis, like a car accident.

That window of time between decision and crisis is why Insure U developed Get Ready resources. These new resource kits help consumers considering a major life event get smart about the insurance implications before a crisis occurs. The goal is to avoid hasty, uninformed and costly misunderstandings later.

Life is Unpredictable.  Get Ready.

While insurance needs vary greatly from person to person, Insure U has identified six common situations during which it’s especially important to ask yourself the challenging questions:

  • Wedding: Are you and your future spouse on the same page about providing financial support to family members, today and in the future?
  • New Car: Beyond the sales price, have you thought through the other financial implications of making such a significant purchase?
  • New Home: Whether renting or buying, are you equipped to handle the financial burden of an unexpected disaster affecting your home?
  • New Parents: Are you prepared financially should your newborn have special medical needs? Or, custodial grandparents — do you understand your liability if your grandchild’s friend is injured on your property?
  • Job Change: What would happen to your family’s finances should something catastrophic happen while you’re between employers?
  • Turning 50: Are you at risk of outliving your retirement savings?

In addition to challenging questions that shine a spotlight on often-overlooked insurance implications, each kit includes eye-opening statistics and facts about the important life change under consideration, and a Take Action Now checklist of simple things to do today to avoid unpleasant surprises tomorrow.

Get Ready resources also are supported by a variety of related videos, educational guides, downloadable apps and even interactive games to help make insurance education fun.

Do you have insurance questions specific to where you live? Contact your state insurance commissioner.


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