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Taking control of the car keys is exciting for a teenager. But driving can be dangerous and costly. A teen driving contract can help teens avoid common mistakes that increase a parent's anxiety and insurance rates.

Check boxes at left and edit text where allowed to customize your contract:

THE RULES On the Road

I will not operate a phone or mobile device in any way while driving.

A driver using a cellphone is twice as likely to be involved in an accident. If an accident is caused by someone texting and driving, insurance may not cover all the damages, and premiums are likely to increase.

I will not drive between the hours of unless an exception is agreed upon in advance.

More than 40 percent of teen auto deaths occur between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. Setting rules for where and when your teen is allowed to drive can help keep them safe, while limiting the number of miles driven can help lower permiums.

I will always wear a seatbelt and require the same of all my passengers.
I will not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Driving under the influence is dangerous and illegal. It can also directly impact your premiums and even cause your insurance to be canceled.

I will adhere to all traffic laws, including speed limits, traffic signs, etc.

THE RULES In the Classroom

I will maintain a grade point average of at least .

Many insurance companies offer good student discounts. Check with your provider to determine the minimum grade point average to qualify.

I will complete homework on time and as outlined by my teacher.
I will respect the rules of my teacher and school and the rights of my peers.



I will respect and obey my parents, uphold my responsibilities and drive only with their permission.
I will contribute to the cost of gas, maintenance and insurance as agreed upon with my parents.

THE RULES Out With Friends

I will stay drug and alcohol free.

Driving under the influence is dangerous and illegal. It can directly impact your premiums and even cause your insurance to be canceled

I will not drive with more than passenger(s) in my car at a time.

The fatality risk for teen drivers is 3.6 times higher when they drive with passengers. Plus, teen drivers who ignore restricted or graduated driver's license provisions for the number of passengers can lose their insurance coverage altogether.

I will not allow anyone else to drive the car without my parents' and their parents' permission.
I will not allow my passengers to behave in a way that distracts me while I am driving.


Add rules, restrictions, commitments, chores, etx., specific to your family:

THE RULES Out With Friends

I understand that driving is a privilege and it is my parents right to revoke that privilege at any time. If I break any of the rules established in this contract, I face the following consequence(s);

I will be responsible for paying the full amount of my auto insurance until further notice.
I will pay toward the cost of my auto insurance for months
My driving privileges will be revoked for a period of (include days, weeks, months, etc.).

Other (add consequences specifically applicable to your family):







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