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2015 RJ's Bad Breaks: Panic-Free Planning

Actor RJ Mitte Urges Peers to Prepare for Life’s Inevitable Mishaps


RJ Mitte — star of the hit television series “Breaking Bad” — is back at the breakfast table. After living through a series of his own “bad breaks,” he has partnered with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) on a series of videos to help educate fellow millennials about the importance of insurance education.


Cerebral palsy forced RJ to deal with health insurance from a young age. Additionally, a couple of years ago, he was involved in two major auto accidents. “I wasn’t at fault, and luckily no one was hurt. I had the information to make the right insurance decision before I needed it,” RJ says. “But many people my age can’t say that. That is why I’m partnering with NAIC — to encourage young people to get smart about insurance before something bad happens.”


RJ acknowledges it can be difficult to convince fellow young adults to make insurance education a priority:

  • Perceived invincibility: Twenty-somethings often assume they have all the time in the world and “bad breaks” won’t happen until they are older.


  • Undervalue possessions: Many millennials assume they don’t own anything worth insuring. Unfortunately, they are often surprised by how quickly the costs of a few personal possessions such as a TV, iPad and guitar can add up if you have to replace them.


  • Procrastination: Young adults have every intention of looking into insurance, but often don’t get around to it until it’s too late.


RJ’s video series is a lighthearted way to bring to life some of the “bad breaks” he has experienced firsthand. Check out “RJ’s Bad Breaks” videos:


Additionally, RJ shares a few resources he found especially helpful:

  • #InsureThis: Easy-to-grasp insurance tips that young adults can study and share in social media.

  • WreckCheck App: Mobile app that outlines the steps to take following an auto accident to determine what information to share, with whom and what details are important when filing a claim.

  • I Do Adventures: A collection of fact sheets, infographics and lighthearted interactive games to help newlyweds successfully navigate the insurance risks and pitfalls on the road to “happily ever after.”

For insurance information specific to where you live, contact your state insurance commissioner.